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Welcome to our think tank!

We’re a team of Sweden-based serial entrepreneurs with an intense mission to invest in game-changing technology and innovation.

At Innovx, we know we’re never better than our last performance. We help startups accelerate faster because we still get what it’s like to be in their shoes. As fellow entrepreneurs who don’t shy away from making mistakes, our experiences (and our failures) serve as your personal cheat sheet.

We’re here to handle everything. From crushing sales to superior product development and world-class fundraising, we help startups break down barriers so they can change the world.

Leave behind the outdated sages and retired businessmen ready to tell you what you want to hear. At our core, we’re entrepreneurs who love to collaborate, just like you. That’s something that will never change.

Our passion is in partnering with fearless minds to shape the ventures of tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Our Expertise


Making waves in advertising with massive marketing presences that reach across the digital universe.


Propelling People Management to the next generation with platforms that make HR efficient, effective and easy.


Streamlining the financial services industry with innovations that stomp out traditional methods.

Strategic Guidance

Offering unmatched analytics, advice and full-blown adventure— from seed startup to scale.


Our team is stacked with experienced managers, entrepreneurial experts, CFOs and lawyers who make huge things happen every day.

Product & Sales

We love sales and we know how to master them— giving products a powerhouse selling edge and transforming their journey to market.

Our Investments

Let’s be bold together.

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